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US Penitentiary Non-lethal/Lethal Fences



Reducing operational costs to federal prisons by implementing new technologies in perimeter security fence systems.


Project Type: Correctional Renovation
Client: Federal Bureau of Prisons
Construction Cost: $27,000,000
Project Length: 42,500 LF

KZF provided architectural and engineering services for the installation of non-lethal/lethal fences at eight existing US Penitentiaries. The Fence System promotes an alarm event when tampered with, delivers first a non-lethal voltage and with subsequent tampering, lethal voltage discharge. The goal of the project was to reduce the operational cost of the existing facility by designing and installing the Non-Lethal/Lethal fence around the perimeter of each prison, eliminating the expense of 6 to 7 guard towers, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Each project included the design and integration of new perimeter sallyport gate interlocks. Project locations included:

  • US Penitentiary Atwater; Atwater, CA
  • US Penitentiary Victorville; Victorville, CA
  • US Penitentiary Canaan; Waymart, PA
  • US Penitentiary Lee; Pennington Gap, VA
  • US Penitentiary Big Sandy; Inez, KY
  • US Penitentiary Florence; Florence, CO
  • US Penitentiary Allenwood; Allenwood, PA
  • US Penitentiary Beaumont; Beaumont, TX