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SSCC Campus-wide Master Plan

SSCC Campus-wide Master Plan


Facilities Assessment and Space Planning facilitate campus improvements and new buildings.


Project Type: Higher Education
Client: Southern State Community College
Construction Cost: $50,000,000
Square footage: 200,000 SF

ZF Design provided complete architectural and engineering assessments of all structures on the college’s four campuses in Hillsboro, Washington Courthouse, Wilmington and Sardinia, Ohio. The planning team reviewed the physical, academic and programmatic condition of all facilities within the college, which be used to assist the College as a tool for future maintenance, renovation and capital projects. A significant portion of the study included assessment of current facilities for adequacy to support current academic, administration and support needs. The assessment included interviews with applicable staff and building users and documentation current use/function of the individual spaces and any deficiencies. Recommendations included the efficiency and operation of the existing facilities, to include any renovations or constructions with cost estimates for completion. The planning study included recommendations for improvements and cost estimates.

Southern State Community College has experienced a dramatic increase in enrollment over the past two years, and the college has done an admirable job accommodating this rapid growth within the limitations of its existing facilities. The Facilities Assessment consisted of physical assessments of existing structures and facilities to determine adequacy and projected life expectancy. The assessment included exterior site conditions, exterior building envelope, roofing, structural, mechanical, electrical, fire protection and interior components and finishes. This programming and planning analysis was targeted at understanding future needs, analyzing current facilities to identify ways to improve their effectiveness and making recommendations for solutions to support future needs.

Recommendations were presented for each building. Based on our study, KZF concluded that many of the facilities are undersized and should be approximately 20% larger in area to support the educational mission in the year 2015. This planning study has led to many renovation projects throughout the campus as well as the construction of a new facility in Mt. Orab.