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The Beechmont Plan

The Beechmont Plan

Addressing the needs a 3.5 mile corridor in a single, common vision for the future.

Project Type: Corridor Study
Client: Anderson Township
Area: 3.5 miles


KZF Design has been working on the planning, development, access and overall traffic for more than 20 years. Over this time frame, the Township developed 10 plans created for a single stretch of roadway, including traffic, access, landscape, urban design as well as Township-wide planning efforts, leading to a muddled vision of Beechmont Avenue. As part of this continued work, KZF provided planning, traffic and civil engineering services to consolidate of all applicable plans along Beechmont Avenue – for the first time, creating a single reference document addressing the needs of the area and a vision for the future for all upcoming improvements as private property redevelops or the Township, State or County initiates enhancements. Taking into consideration the themes and goals of the prior plans and efforts, this document combines the previous studies into a single format to act as a guide for
development along the Beechmont Corridor.