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Every structure makes a statement.

We feel a profound responsibility to our clients and users, communities and the public, to create buildings that inspire people today, and leave a legacy of great buildings for generations to come. We believe design is an asset to everyone, and while we must address the particular needs and the highest aspirations of our clients, we must speak to the issues of our time with an inquiry and construction that esteems eloquence, but values truth more.

Each project has a distinct solution. Discovering that solution is part of the objective and subjective processes we pursue as designers. In the same way a great sculptor approaches a piece of marble, we approach each project by understanding the particular criteria of site, context and function. We derive an image of the building from this set of criteria, filter it through a lens of technology and possibility and contextualize it to its environment, community and time. The solution is a distinct building that exemplifies its place and purpose.

Sustainable Design

We charge our designers with the mission of designing buildings of unparalleled quality and value. Value today is not just measured by the cost of construction, but also by the environmental cost of a building, both during and post construction. For this, we hold our buildings to the highest sustainable values, integrating the LEED® building rating system as a measured means for understanding and communicating our mutual goals.


Building Information Modeling (BIM)
Code Evaluation
Conceptual Design Studies
Construction Administration
Cost Estimates
Design/Build Project Delivery
Facility Security
Programming/Scope Definition
Renderings/3D Imaging
Tenant Fit-up