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Planning & Urban Design

Communities become distinctive when their efforts to achieve are focused by a common vision.

Planning for tomorrow begins with the development of a strong vision, communicated effectively and woven into the culture of leadership. We build consensus and draw out the ideas, dreams and imagination alive in the people who make communities strong. We contribute and transform the collective ideas into representations of a possible future.

We have been involved in almost every discipline of planning, from community development and revitalization, to historic preservation, housing, transportation and infrastructure, zoning and land use, parks, open space and recreation, to streetscapes and urban design. We have helped dozens of urban and suburban areas alike envision the future of their corridors, neighborhoods, waterfronts, historic districts and downtowns.


Conceptual Planning
Design Guidelines
Feasibility Studies
GIS and Mapping
Master Planning
Public Engagement
Signage and Wayfinding
Site Development
Site Selection and Planning
Transportation Planning
Urban Design
Urban Revitalization