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Volvo Customer Center
36,000 square feet | Dublin, Virginia

Be the most desired and successful transport solution provider in the world.

Make people feel special | Improve lives with technology | Contribute to a safer society

Your building’s design says a lot about your company’s culture. It signals not just where you are, but where you want to be. At Volvo, success means delivering first-rate customer experiences at every contact.
That’s why Volvo Trucks rolls out the red carpet for its Customer Center visitors. The center’s dynamic showroom features an expansive observation deck overlooking a one-of-a-kind test track, as well as North America’s largest truck turntable.
With inspired architecture and engineering, KZF Design helped Volvo give its customers a luxury experience that drives loyalty. Want to learn how you can attract top talent, increase staff engagement and improve your bottom line through incredible workplace design? Let us show you how KZF Design can help your company design a better future.