COVID Back to School Strategies

Back to School Strategies: A Pandemic Survival Guide

Back to School Strategies: A Pandemic Survival Guide

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, students, families, and policymakers are developing the safest scenarios to welcome the student and Staff populations back inside their schools across the country for this upcoming school year. Our report was designed to provide the opportunity to discuss an ideal return to in-person schooling while considering the mental, physical, and social needs of all essential personnel and the Students and Staff.

While conceptualizing and preparing for the return of individuals back into their buildings, we focused on several goals and constraints that became guiding principles for our work. Maximizing the total number of Students within the school and the time those Students spent in front of teachers learning were essential in the development of these guidelines.

In this free to guide, we look at how schools can strategize teaching students during COVID-19:

  • Step 1: Establish leadership within your organization
  • Step 2: Administrative strategies
  • Step 3: Classroom strategies
  • Step 4: Designing the student experience

Each of the above steps is highlighted within their respective sections throughout this report and sets forth potential remedies when preparing for the upcoming year. Tasks like assessing the maximum classroom capacity for social distancing, assessing common space capacity, and developing scheduling options while considering many factors, are laid out within their respective Team sections.

Educational instruction is very influential in the development of our school-aged children and, during the current conditions presented to us, has the ability to be reconsidered and possibly improved. There is a difficult task ahead of us when determining the upcoming school year and we hope that these steps highlighted throughout this report can become useful tools in your COVID-19 planning process.

Does your school’s reopening plan support a healthy environment for students and staff?

We’re available to review your reopening plans and suggest improvements. Speak to our education expert, Stephen Gastright, to discuss your school’s strategy by emailing or call 513.621.6211.

Nothing herein constitutes legal advice or other formal direction or guidance of any kind. The information herein is offered for general informational purposes only.

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