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Downtown Anderson Streetscape to start Construction this summer

Anderson Township’s Beechmont Ave Improvements Continue!

KZF Design has been working in partnership with Anderson Township on the continual improvement of Beechmont Avenue for more than 22 years. From access management, pedestrian access/sidewalks, visual enhancements and property owner consultation, this award-winning work has helped make Beechmont Avenue more safe, attractive and functional.

The next phase in this partnership is the Downtown Anderson Streetscape, beginning construction this Summer – a pedestrian-oriented strategic improvement that came out of KZF’s Downtown Anderson Vision Plan.

This enhancement is highlighted by the narrowing of travel lanes from 12’ to 11’ wide, along with the installation of a small eastbound right turn lane into the driveway across from Wolfangel Road. Sidewalks will be installed where the roadway shoulder currently exists. Pedestrian lighting will be added in this area, along with new traffic signals and mast arms at the Wolfangel and Asbury intersections, and storm sewer improvements. In addition, Anderson Township is working with Duke Energy Ohio to replace the cobra head street lights between Five Mile Road and Asbury Road with new LED roadway lighting.

ODOT has awarded the construction contract for these projects to Prus Construction and will be coordinating the effort. Work is anticipated to begin in mid-June and continue through 2017, and possibly into early 2018. Construction will entail some daytime lane closures of Beechmont Avenue, in select locations, between 9am and 3pm.

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