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KZF Announces Christina Fye, PE as BIM Manager

We are proud to announce Christina Fye, PE has been named BIM Manager

Christina’s mission is to foster an environment which integrates knowledge, design and technology to deliver buildings that perform at the highest level. In addition to this mission, she will continue working as mechanical engineer for many of KZF’s projects.

Christina’s strengths and qualities affirm KZF’s commitment to Building Information Modeling’s role in the design of today’s built environment. Christina is at the forefront of using BIM design processes to maximize project performance.

A registered mechanical engineer, Christina has been with KZF for nine years, designing building systems for corporate offices, recreational facilities, commercial/industrial and maintenance facilities. Her specific expertise is focused on developing integrated BIM processes and collaborative interdisciplinary project workflows.

For more information about KZF’s BIM capabilities, email Christina at or call 513.621.6211.

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