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KZF Introduces Drone Services

Use of drone technology enhances project design and construction

KZF Design now has the ability to apply drone services to any project for our clients. “Seymour,” KZF’s rugged, reliable, and versatile drone, allows our architects, engineers, planners, and clients to “see more” from the skies. From the air we capture high-resolution, crisp images of and videos from a birds-eye view.

Meet Seymore

Through drone technology, we can collect photos and videos, plus selected analysis reports to further the study of any project. Analysis reports include an interactive 3D model, orthomosaic map, elevation map, topographic map, plant health map, and roof report. “Seymour” can perform fly-throughs, thermal imaging surveys and more, and assist in construction oversight by updating building progress, making visual records, site maps, and allow for creation of time-lapse videos.

Site Point Cloud

Drone technology has proven benefits including construction cost saving due to early error detection, eliminating waste, reducing inefficiencies, and overall by offering a holistic perspective on the design and construction process.

Aerial photography and videography can be highly effective marketing and communication tools. Organizing digital cinematography, capturing oblique images and video, and generating 3D models are just a few of the ways drone services can boost your marketing image, assist in achieving stakeholder buy-in, or present your project to the community for focus groups, etc., by helping you tell your story.

KZF staff are highly trained in drone operation and have incorporated drone services into many of our projects for our education, transportation and infrastructure, commercial, industrial, government, and workplace clients.

For more information regarding the ways in which KZF Design can employ drone services to enhance your design project, contact Eric Anderson at

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