KZF Welcomes New Professionals to Firm

We are pleased to announce the following additions to our team:

[team_member name=”David Ross, AIA, LEED AP” position=”Director of Design” image_id=”6845″ mail=”” phone=”513-864-8609″ linkedin=”″]David Ross has spent the last 30 years creating award-winning design solutions and leading design teams to successfully listen, solve problems and develop creative solutions that fulfill client objectives.[/team_member]
[team_member name=”Steve DeSalvo, FAIC, CPC” position=”Director of Construction Administration” image_id=”6953″ mail=”” phone=”513-550-0205″ linkedin=”″]Steve joins KZF as a construction professional 30 years of experience in highly-collaborative projects with major local construction companies on schools, municipal facilities, museums, professional sports and event venues.[/team_member]
[team_member name=”Ryan Studer, EI” position=”Structural Designer” image_id=”6846″ mail=”” phone=”513-621-6211″ linkedin=”″]Ryan has three years of experience and graduated from the University of Kentucky with a Master of Science in Civil Engineering in 2012. His experience includes crane systems and pre-engineered metal buildings for low-rise industrial and warehouse facilities.[/team_member]
[team_member name=”Mary Kate Genis” position=”Project Designer” image_id=”8065″ mail=”” phone=”513-621-6211″ linkedin=”″]Mary Kate recently graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a Master of Architecture degree. She is extremely skilled using 3D modeling to develop project renderings and has experience in the design of mixed-use buildings, commercial office renovations and multi-unit residential spaces.[/team_member]
[team_member name=”Sarah Kramer, EIT” position=”Civil Designer” image_id=”7141″ mail=”” phone=”513-621-6211″ linkedin=”″]Sarah joins KZF as a Civil Designer with experience in parks, recreation, roadways, residential, multifamily, schools and commercial project types. Sarah was previously an intern with KZF and graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelors in Civil Engineering. Sarah is working toward obtaining her PE license in 2018.[/team_member]

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