Colerain Avenue Corridor Study

Modernizing a historic roadway to meet the current needs of the Township’s businesses, visitors and residents.

Project Type
Corridor Study

Colerain Township

4.5 miles

Colerain Township partnered with KZF Design to create a consistent, appealing, safe public environment along the Colerain Avenue Corridor spanning 4.5 miles of the ODOT maintained SR 27 (Colerain Avenue) within the township boundary.

The study focuses on safety and beautification of the corridor, but also incorporates cleanliness, access management and strategies for redevelopment. Colerain Avenue was separated into four distinct districtswhich have unique character and therefore require their own improvement  guidelines. The core concepts of the study include:

  • Landscape medians and median U-turns, which eliminate the need for left-turn lanes at intersections and drastically reduce collisions.
  • Sound access management principles intended to improve safety for pedestrians, bicyclists and vehicles
  • Streetscape design strategies and gateway elements which promote a cohesive look and feel along Colerain Avenue, but also reflect the unique character of different segments of the roadway.

Median U-turns would eliminate left turns at many of Colerain Avenue’s signaled intersections. This type of intersection can reduce congestion and severity of crashes by up to 60 percent.