Covington Central Riverfront

A bold vision to restore the street grid and create a neighborhood feel by developing office, residential, retail and a levee park.

Project Type
Mixed-use Development

City of Covington, Kentucky

32 acres

KZF is leading a team of architects, engineers, urban planners, and consultants whose drawings will lay the foundation for public infrastructure that will ready the 23-acre former IRS site for private development. KZF is working with 10 partner firms to design the horizontal infrastructure, which includes restoration of a street grid that was erased in the 1960s. Hub+Weber produced a series of artist renderings for the project. Other infrastructure includes sidewalks, water lines, sanitary and storm sewers, gas and electric, telecommunications, a levee park and an 1,100-space public parking garage.

KZF will also work with City officials to subdivide the site into parcels to be marketed for development.