Fort Washington Way Overbuild

A plan to Reconnect Downtown to the Riverfront by Capping Fort Washington Way and investing in a new regional amenity.

Project Type
Streetscape, Park

Cincinnati Chamber

1.5 acres

KZF Design and WSP collaborated on a plan to build decks over Fort Washington Way, covering the freeway and reconnecting downtown to the Ohio River. The plan establishes a vison to complete a project started over 20 years ago, when KZF and WSP completed the reconfiguration of Fort Washington Way, narrowing the highway to make additional room for The Banks, two professional sports stadiums, and Smale Riverfront Park. Today, a chasm exists between Second and Third streets creating a significant visual and physical disconnect.

The proposed plan creates a seamless structure over the highway with two blocks of tree-lined green space between Race and Walnut streets. The half-blocks west of Race and east of Walnut would be a hardscape plaza.