The Kautz Attic at UC College of Business

A dynamic student-centric space for creative thinking and innovative collaboration.

Project Type
Education, Classroom

University of Cincinnati

Square feet
5,200 SF

As part of our work on UC’s new College of Business academic building, the design team identified the opportunity to reclaim unused volume in the building as additional space by extending a stair tower and a floor slab.

KZF organized a visioning workshop for the newly discovered space and with a group of 30 stakeholders, led a three-part workshop to vision, program and design the space. In those sessions, the team stewarded consensus to a common goal – to create a student-centered space for entrepreneurship and innovation right in the College of Business.

The Kautz Attic features coworking space, and rooms and furniture that can easily be reconfigured to fit students’ changing needs for projects, business pitches, classes and campus events.