US Penitentiary Non-Lethal/Lethal Fences

Reducing operational costs to federal prisons by implementing new technologies in perimeter security fence systems.

Project Type
Correctional Renovation

Federal Bureau of Prisons

Construction Cost

Linear Feet
42,500 LF

KZF provided architectural and engineering services for the installation of non-lethal/lethal fences at eight existing US Penitentiaries. The Fence System promotes an alarm event when tampered with, delivers first a non-lethal voltage and with subsequent tampering, lethal voltage discharge. The goal of the project was to reduce the operational cost of the existing facility by designing and installing the non-lethal/lethal fence around the perimeter of each prison, eliminating the expense of 6 to 7 guard towers, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Each project included the design and integration of new perimeter sallyport gate interlocks. Project locations included:

  • US Penitentiary Atwater; Atwater, CA
  • US Penitentiary Victorville; Victorville, CA
  • US Penitentiary Canaan; Waymart, PA
  • US Penitentiary Lee; Pennington Gap, VA
  • US Penitentiary Big Sandy; Inez, KY
  • US Penitentiary Florence; Florence, CO
  • US Penitentiary Allenwood; Allenwood, PA
  • US Penitentiary Beaumont; Beaumont, TX