Designing Better Futures

We create places that bring
cultures to life.

At KZF Design, we know well-designed places say a lot about the business, school, cultural institution or city behind them. They communicate not just who you are but where you want to be. Our multidisciplinary team of professionals can help take you there.

We create places that increase productivity. Spark creativity. Improve access. And enhance learning. We design places that bring cultures to life to transform organizations and communities for the future.

Our team of more than 75 architects, engineers, interior designers, landscape architects and urban planners have created regional landmarks across the country and around the world. We’ve built our reputation on thoughtful, award-winning designs and technical expertise that help our clients design better futures.

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Atricure Seating Area


We believe design is an asset to everyone and each project has a distinct solution. Discovering that solution is part of the objective and subjective processes we pursue as designers.



Our engineers work in tandem with our architects and interior designers to ensure your project is well-coordinated and meets the aesthetic and functional needs of occupants.


Interior Design

As part of our  full-service A/E approach, we can incorporate interior designer into your project. We are a leader in the design of office, cultural and classroom space.


Landscape and Planning

We build consensus and draw out the ideas and imagination alive in the people who make communities strong. We transform  collective ideas into representations of a possible future.


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